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Sportdata & Performance Forum

Sportdata & Performance Forum

The successful Sportdata & Performance Forum event series delves into the exciting world of data analytics and how it applies to high performance sport. From predictive insight into sporting performance, machine learning, sports biometrics, data from wearable technologies and how data can enable effective player recruitment, training and assist with injury prevention, big data is having a massive impact in the sporting domain.

Elite athletes and teams nowadays, have the ability to collect a vast amount of data surrounding, but the challenge is unlocking the insights buried in that data and making it more actionable.

“One of the most significant developments in technology has been data. The speed at which data can be converted into athletic training is incredible, and what used to require several hours in a lab can be taken in the velodrome as you train. For me, harnessing instant and accurate data couldn’t have gone better. It helped me get in tune with my body and performance to get everything right on race day, and it helped me walk out of Rio2016 with three Paralympic medals.”

Steve Bate, Great Britain Paralympic Champion at Rio 2016

Following on from 3 successful events which took place in Berlin and Dublin, the 4th AnnualSportdata& Performance Forum 2017 will take place in Zurich, Switzerland and will provide a platform for sport performance specialists to examine the convergence of technologies that has allowed the unprecedented collection and analysis of sporting metrics, and how this can be applied effectively by sporting organisations to achieve success on and off the field of play.

Key Topics:

  • Performance Enhancement through Data Application in Sport
  • Tactical Considerations in the Application of Sports Data to Achieve Athlete Success
  • General Applications of Big Data in the Sporting Environment
  • Strategic Planning with Sports Analytics
  • Communicating Effectively with Sports Data
  • Integrating Computer Science & Sport
  • Infotainment
  • Sport Data Security & Legal Considerations


Events dates From 27.11.2017 to 28.11.2017
Open to All
Organiser Sportdata & Performance Forum
Location Hotel Glockenhof 
Sihlstrasse 31 
8001  Zürich