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The Art of Sports Photography

The Art of Sports Photography

Original sports photos in the spotlight from 25 May to 19 November 2017

A six-month programme devoted to the art of sports photography, emotions and the crucial moment. You will never look at sports photos in the same way again.

What if photographing sport was a whole other art? The Olympic Museum in Lausanne is celebrating the 8th art from every angle with, at the top of the list, a major exhibition, “Who Shot Sports: A Photographic History, 1843 to the present” organised by the Brooklyn Museum; a retrospective of “Rio 2016: through the lens of four photographers”; a “best of” selection of 20 photos from the IOC’s collections; and finally, a big weekend event devoted to sports imagery.

Only stop in Europe for the Brooklyn Museum (USA) “Who Shot Sports: A Photographic History, 1843 to the present” exhibition

“Who Shot Sports: A Photographic History, 1843 to the present” is organised by the Brooklyn Museum in New York and curated by photography historian Gail Buckland. This retrospective of around 180 photos, dating from 1843 to the present day, pays tribute to the men and women who have captured the essence of sporting movement in its transience, finesse and dynamism.

This exhibition is the first of its kind to put sports photographers at centre-stage. It is an opportunity to learn how sports photographers have played an important role in the development of photography techniques. Not to be missed, the exhibition will also focus on five photos which will be explained and analysed thanks to an interactive device. Entry price: CHF 5.

“Rio 2016: through the lens of four photographers” in the Galerie

The Olympic Museum is reliving the greatest moments from “Rio 2016: through the lens of four photographers” – David Burnett (USA), Jason Evans (USA), John Huet (USA) and Mine Kasapoglu (TUR) – to capture the close links that unite the Games and photography. They deliver their vision of the Rio Games through an exhibition of around 60 photographs with comments! Some of these photographers will be present during the big weekend devoted to sports imagery on 2 and 3 September 2017. They will share their tips and best practices in a number of unique workshops and meetings. To extend the visit, the “Rio 2016: through the lens of four photographers” book features 50 photographs from the exhibition along with 15 “behind-the-scenes” comments and personal analyses by the photos’ authors. Published jointly by the IOC-Giles Ltd. Price: CHF 20.

“Best of” selection of photos from the IOC’s collection in the Museum Park

There is also an opportunity to show off the image fonds of the IOC’s collections, formed of over 120 years of history, with a “best of” selection of 20 Olympic photographs from 1908 to 1948. That’s 40 years of black-and-white photography in 20 historic shots that will trigger the most wonderful emotions.

“Photographers Photographed” in the Art Lounge

Finally, they are given a taste of their own medicine. With “Photographers Photographed”, The Olympic Museum pays tribute to the sports photographers who, for once, become the centre of attention. Unaware, in around 40 photos, here they are captured in the midst of the action, in all the complexity of their work. The scenography presents 10 pairs of mirrored photos: the photographer in action and the photo that he/she took.

Sporting Image Weekend, 2 and 3 September 2017

The Olympic Museum will organise two days to experience sports photos with those in the know, with the presence of two photographers from Rio, David Burnett and Mine Kasapoglu Puhrer, plus Bob Martin (GBR), Yonathan Kellermann (FRA) and Gérard Uféras (FRA). The programme includes: getting to know famous photographers; workshops to try techniques used in sports photography; and film screenings and marvellous moments to decipher sports imagery from various angles and enjoy an immersive adventure as a family. No doubt that, with such a great programme, sports photography will be a revelation!

The blog

Finally, to find out everything about the art of photographing sport, a blog features images, interviews, videos, notes and even a “making of”... in short a “digital darkroom” accessible to all those who love taking photos in Lausanne and elsewhere! Accessible online in FRA and ENG from The Olympic Museum home page:

The “My favourite sports venue” competition

And what if the greatest sports photographer happened to be you? The TOM is launching an interactive photo competition alongside the programme, the theme of which is “my DIY sports venue”. Just press the shutter at the right moment! Details and conditions to follow on the website and through the Museum’s social networks.

Find out more about the Art of Sports Photography programme here

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Events dates From 25.05.2017 to 19.11.2017
Open to All
Organiser The Olympic Museum
Location Le Musée Olympique