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Swiss Startup Awards

Swiss Startup Awards

And the highlight at the end – 22. September 2016 – The Swiss Startup Awards which is broadcasted on TV! The Event includes the review of the campaign, integration of key stakeholders of the Swiss startup ecosystem and of course the award ceremony with the highlights of the various categories of the Showdowns!

Host in 2016 is the canton of Fribourg, who has developed remarkable local innovation structures in recent years, which are interesting for all startups also across cantonal borders. It is an acting great example for the innovation and business location Switzerland, which is nationally and beyond the country’s borders not well known yet. The Swiss Startup Summit is made for exactly that reason – to popularize the economic and innovation location of Switzerland with all it’s regions and stakeholders – both nationally and internationally.


Events dates 22.09.2016
Open to Invitation
Organiser Digital Marketing Schweiz GmbH
Location Fribourg