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Coaching Leadership Workshop & Conference

Coaching Leadership Workshop & Conference

Don't get left behind. 
Be a part of the new paradigm in sport coaching!

Join coaches from all over Europe in beautiful Geneva Switzerland at our annual Coaches Workshop & Conference. This two day interactive conference will take you on a journey towards COACHING MASTERY and becoming the coach you always wish you had! ​

Learn the latest trends from coaching science and proven coaching techniques! Find out what really works to motivate, build confidence, and get the best attitude and performance from your athletes. Through improv and active participation you will learn better ways to communicate with athletes, how to design effective practices that maximise learning, how to foster stronger relationships with athletes, and how to create a championship culture.

You will hear from world renown experts in coaching science, sport psychology, youth education, athlete development, mental performance, physical literacy, sports medicine, communication and more!​

More than a conference, this is a two-day journey that will transform how you think about coaching,  and how you behave with your athletes.  You will actively participate and interact with coaches and experts from other sport disciplines, while having a lot of fun!

Whether you have been coaching for 20 or more years, or you are just starting out as a coach, you can’t miss this opportunity for professional development in coaching mastery with some of the world’s top experts in youth sport development.

Caveat:  Only open to coaches, sport directors and parents with an open mind and a desire to be the best they can be!​

NOTE: Conference is offered in English and French with live translation.


Events dates From 10.05.2019 to 11.05.2019
Open to All
Organiser Inside Game Coaching Network
Location Geneva