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Digital Radio Week

Digital Radio Week

The Digital Radio Week is a series of meetings, events and conferences from different organizations, spanning the breadth of Digital Radio matters.
In the middle of the week, there is the Digital Radio Summit, a public conference that is a great place to learn about the latest happenings in the Digital Radio world, as well as a great chance for networking.
For each of the events in the week, please make sure you register individually as some are private and require a special invitation. If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate names below. 

  • Monday, 12th February to Tuesday 13th February: Annual EBU Radiohack Workshop.
  • Tuesday, 13th February: RadioDNS General Assembly. The morning session is open to RadioDNS Members only. The afternoon session is open to all (public). For more information, please contact: Nick Piggott
  • Tuesday, 13th February, Strategic Programme for Radio. This event is open to members of the Radio SP group.
  • Wednesday, 14th February: Digital Radio Summit. 
  • Thursday, 15th February: WorldDAB Technical Committee. This event is by invitation only. For more information, please contact: Bernie O'Neill.
  • Thursday, 15th February: Radio Archives Workshop (TBC). This event is open to all EBU members.


Events dates From 12.02.2018 to 15.02.2018
Open to Invitation
Organiser European Broadcasting Union
Location EBU