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IF Seminar - Events

IF Seminar - Events

How can IFs prioritise environmental sustainability with their events?

With its global appeal and ability to inspire people from all parts of society, sport has a unique potential to make a true, long-lasting impact in addressing various social challenges. This is particularly prevalent with the protection of the environment, which is often seen as closely associated to the values of sport.

But with International Federations by nature having international events, involving a high level of travel and different cultural attitudes towards environmental sustainability, ensuring that such events can have a positive, lasting impact on the environment can be a major challenge.

So what can IFs do to ensure that their events promote sustainability and protect the environment? What are some of the projects and techniques that can be applied before and during the event to promote sustainability? And how can such events leave a lasting legacy on the organisers, host cities and spectators who attend?

This Seminar will look at some of the practices that IFs should consider when trying to make their events environmentally sustainable, hearing from a range of speakers with direct experience of promoting and implementing sustainability initiatives with sports organisations and events.

Speakers at this Seminar will include:

  • Geert Hendriks – Chief Executive Officer, Sport and Sustainability International
  • Catherine Wieser – Sustainability Coordinator, ICF
  • Anastasiia Fomkina - Assistant to Administration, Marketing and Sustainability, FIAS
  • Somesh Dutt – Manager, Events Classification & Sustainability, Jumping, FEI

Registration for this Seminar is currently open! If you are a staff member of an IF in the Olympic Capital, and have not received the email to register for the Seminar, please email


Events dates 08.10.2019
Open to International Federations
Organiser Lausanne Olympic Capital
Location Maison du Sport International 
Av. de Rhodanie 54 
1007  Lausanne