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IF Seminar - Gender Equality

IF Seminar - Gender Equality

What are the best ways for IFs to promote and implement gender equality in their sports?

The importance of promoting and administering gender equality is becoming more and more recognised in society as whole. Importantly, this also includes sport, with renewed commitments of sports organisations to ensure gender equality and fairness. 

There is no question the sport landscape is changing. There are, for example, new IOC Initiatives around balanced participation for athletes and officials. We are seeing the growing success of the female game among fans and broadcasters for many of the big sports, as well as more directives from government funding organisations around the requirement to provide gender balance. Moreover, the latest industry research all supports the fact that there is a real appetite for the female game and a desire for females to play a greater role both on and off the field of play.

So how does your organisation stack up when it comes to gender balance?

Whether you are in the commercial department, human resources, events or communications this seminar is for you. Learn how others have achieved greater balance and moved their organisations forward in all areas of their businesses by embracing a balanced workforce and culture.

This seminar will be a practical ‘how to’ guide on steps anyone can take to help achieve better gender balance in their organisations. The seminar is designed to share learnings, practical steps and provide an open forum to discuss themes that are common across the majority of IF’s and provide helpful advice and problem solving.

*Registration for this Seminar is currently open. If you are an staff member of an IF based in the Olympic Capital, and have not received an email invitation, please email


Events dates 10.09.2019
Open to International Federations
Organiser Lausanne Olympic Capital
Location Maison du Sport International 
Av. de Rhodanie 54 
1007  Lausanne