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International Conference on Science and Technology of Thermalism

International Conference on Science and Technology of Thermalism

The idea is to gather scientists, technologists and any interested people to discuss about the entanglements of thermal baths, medicine and technology, during a special conference whose name was taken from Latin following the SPA acronym: "Salus Per Aquam, Ingenii Gratia" (SPA: thanks to engineering).

The Congress aims at the creation of a robust, durable, knowledgeable and sound link between the identity heritage of Western Switzerland in terms of traditional culture, sensations, sport, leisure, emotions, rurality, and the equally important advanced applied research tissue so to empower and sustain even more the economic development of the region.


Events dates From 20.11.2016 to 23.11.2016
Open to All
Organiser Healthy World Association
Location Y-PARC Swiss Technopole 
Rue Galilée 4 
1400  Yverdon-les-Bain