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Viral videos: A new type of media product

Viral videos: A new type of media product

A major player in the new mobile and social media world is the viral video – video that relies on users sharing it to find its mass audience. By analysing successful, or less successful, videos, we identify the principles to bear in mind when aiming for viral. These principles will be examined and illustrated with recent examples from organizations doing the most cutting-edge work in this area.

This course will also show how successful channels and programmes can use viral videos as part of their overall media strategy to find new audiences and keeps them coming back for more.

The Master Class will also provide an opportunity to learn from each other in a ‘clinic’ where we work through videos and programmes that participants have produced, examining what lessons can be learnt.


Events dates From 25.09.2017 to 26.09.2017
Open to All
Organiser European Broadcasting Union
Location EBU