Shared media services & media cyber security project manager

Shared media services & media cyber security project manager

Content creation is undergoing substantial changes due to digital transformation and dematerialisation of traditional broadcast media technologies. Typical linear production workflows are changing due to the demands of emerging digital services and digital products and the influence to shared economy principals. The move to virtualisation, cloud and IP based infrastructures and particular to shared media services opens opportunities for efficiency and new workflows and also for challenges such as cyber-attacks.

The candidate will be able to build answers to the current and future challenges in the digital media production chain based on the trends for shared media services and the dematerialisation of system components. The candidate will also be able to analyse the economic impact of proposed solutions and identifies how Public Service Media can utilize/build trusted media production services incl. issues around media cyber security.

For this, the candidate with solid IT background, will bring experience in broadcast media production workflows of the media organisations. The candidate will demonstrate the capability to (co)-develop solutions such as MVPs.

Solid know-how in either digital media or media cyber security is a prerequisite. Ideally, the candidate has also experience in process analysis, LAB/R&D work and/or standardisation. Agile working methodologies (Lean Start-up, Design Thinking) are familiar terms. The candidate needs to show flexibility to work on a wide scope of changing technological topics in broadcast media production; he/she will further develop a detailed understanding on emerging technologies, will determine their relevance, opportunities and risks in media production. The candidate will be keen in building and coordinating EBU Members projects particular regarding the media cyber security aspects. Hands-on testing of equipment might be needed to.

The candidate will have to be a strong team-player ready to be collaborating with a team consisting of experts in video, audio, metadata and artificial intelligence, Live IP infrastructures and network architectures.

The aim is to help EBU Members building up their know-how, and to bridge between the technology and creative/editorial domains.  The ability to disseminate acquired knowledge to the team and the Technical committee groups and to the wider EBU membership including external forums will be a key requirement.

Company EBU
Location Geneva, Switzerland
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