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PwC publishes its 2021 Sports Survey

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has revealed the results of the sixth edition of its Sports Survey, which addresses the arduous journey of sports organisations’ crisis recovery. Drawing on the views of nearly 800 sports industry leaders from around the world, the findings demonstrate that a host of internal and external forces continue to profoundly impact the sector as it seeks a more sustainable future.

This year’s edition covers the growths expectations and key market forces that are expected to transform the sports sector over the next three to five years. It then features three detailed chapters on societal and financial sustainability, major governance reforms of sports organisations as well as reshaping of commercial models.

The findings reveal the imperative for sport to better confront today’s collective responsibilities. Sports organisations must frontally embrace societal challenges, using their influential platform not only to promote human well-being and environmental protection, but more concretely, play an active role in developing a stronger society. Instrumental in achieving a sustainable recovery, the results also identify key areas of structural transformation for sports organisations, as well as the main prospects for future-proofing their commercial model.

The publication is available for download here:

Highlights of the report were presented at yesterday’s Lausanne Summit, supported by ThinkSport.