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Sign up now: Online conference on esports, virtual environments and data

Registration is still open for the conference “Esports and virtual environments: the realm of data?”, to be held online on 9 February 2022 from 5.15 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. The event is organised as part of the 13th Annual Congress of the Swiss Sport Sciences Society.

Sneak preview
Esports refers to organised video game competitions. With the appearance of streaming platforms at the turn of the 2010s, esports has evolved from a niche activity to a true generational mass spectacle. A mirror of our digitised society and a product of the digital revolution, esports is intrinsically dematerialised and virtual, and a particularly fertile ground for data collection. Optimising the performance of high-level players, predicting match results, spectator experience or even artificial intelligence, constitute some of the applications of today’s esports world. The use of data in this sector stands out in two areas: firstly technologically, with the development of different applications and systems designed to enrich and improve the gaming experience (users and fans); and secondly economically, seeking both the growth and development of this new market. The first area will be the focus of the conference, while keeping in mind that the boom of big data raises some practical and technological questions: What relevant data to collect? With which tools? How to process the data? And finally, how to interpret and analyse it?

Meet the experts!
This event is led by Prof. Nicolas Besombes, Associate Professor at the Sports Faculty of the University of Paris, specialised in sports’ digital practices and more specifically in competitive gaming and esports. Prof. Besombes is also the Vice President of the French National Esports Association and advises the Olympic Movement on its esports strategy. The conference will be moderated in English by Ivan Urendez, former professional eSporter & RTS esports consultant.

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