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InnoTalk Spotlight Hosted by World Rowing

In mid-March, World Rowing, in collaboration with ThinkSport, hosted an "InnoTalk Spotlight" event to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among international federations and explore the Sport Foundry's potential in enhancing sports governance, development, and innovation strategies.

Moderated by Vincent Gaillard, Executive Director at World Rowing, the Spotlight session featured perspectives and insights from Marc Dellenbach (World Archery) and Jacques Cherpillod (World Archery), Valerio Cianfoni (WBSC), Heny Ahadpour (FIE) supported by Claudine Breton and Alexander de Groot from ThinkSport.

The discussion among the sports leaders resulted in the following practical findings and recommendations divided into three main categories:

1. Exploration of E-Sport and E-Games

The discussion emphasised the need for International Federations to develop a "virtual strategy" for e-sports, recognising its potential in the sports universe. Additionally, e-games were highlighted for their promotional and educational value through sports, suggesting they should redefine their roles as representatives, promoters, and organisers of events in partnership with creators.

2. The value of collaboration and projects like the Sport Foundry

Participants discussed the challenges of integrating innovation within International Federations and the role of initiatives like the Sport Foundry in fostering collaboration. Vincent Gaillard highlighted the collaboration's legacy in developing an innovative methodology and culture within his Federation, which recently underwent the process.

3. Governance

Discussions among the group revealed challenges related to interdepartmental interaction within the organisation, and a lack of proximity between departments was identified as a barrier to communication and idea exchange, leading to decreased productivity and innovation. Improved office proximity was suggested to facilitate better contact and collaboration.

Overall, the meeting was a valuable platform for attendees to share, discuss, and find solutions among a group that has diverse needs and expertise but is eager to use collaborative methods to improve their organisations.

ThinkSport would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all participants for their engagement, candour and eagerness to drive change and innovation in sport.