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2019 European SportsTech Report features ThinkSport and THE SPOT

The 2019 version of the European SportsTech Report was published this week by SportsTechX, a company that provides data and insights about SportsTech start-ups and their surrounding ecosystem. The comprehensive report claims that there are more than 1.500 active SportsTech companies in Europe and the invested capital reached a new all time-high with about €364 mn in 2018, four times as much than in 2014. Leading European countries with regard to the amount of start-up companies are the UK, France, Germany and Spain. 

The report also features an interview with ThinkSport Director Anna Hellman and puts ThinkSport’s thrilling sport and innovation event THE SPOT on the SportTech events map.

The report comes as mix of data driven insights and more than 60 interviews with people at the core of a fast moving and thrilling ecosystem, including experts, 25 start-ups, investors and deal flow, accelerator and incubator programmes as well as events and other initiatives.

Get the report for free at and meet Benjamin Penkert, founder of SportsTechX at THE SPOT from 28 to 29 May in Lausanne, where he will present details of the findings.

Asked about the motivation to compile the report he said: “Whilst the European SportsTech scene is getting more and more mature, it needs a reliable, fact-based view of the market, to grasp its actual size and development. The same is true for an overview of the involved people and projects, to showcase opportunities and success stories. Our report aims to raise transparency and awareness in order to contribute to the further growth of the community.”

First published in 2018, the report will be released annually, in order to provide a continuous view on the market.