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ASOIF releases results of fourth IF governance review

Earlier this week, the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) published the results of the fourth governance review of its member federations. The aim of the project, led by ASOIF’s Governance Task Force (GTF), is to promote and ensure a culture of good governance within the International Federations (IFs) and help drive continuous progress.

According to ASOIF, almost all IFs improved their performance since the last assessment, with the highest scores among the five sections achieved in the area of transparency and the lowest scores in the control mechanisms section. Scores in the development section collectively improved more than the others, reflecting work by IFs in the areas of sustainability and social responsibility.

ASOIF President and GTF Chair Francesco Ricci Bitti said: "Considering the huge disruption to international sport resulting from the pandemic, it is reassuring to see the positive progress IFs continued to make with their governance in the last two years. Now, with the ongoing war in Ukraine, IFs need to continue navigating amid considerable uncertainty and complexity, and a high level of public scrutiny. Only well-governed organisations are likely to be able to meet the challenge. I hope that this assessment assists and inspires IFs in that regard."

Click here to read the full ASOIF press release and learn about the key findings.