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Broad fitness programme on offer with new start-up Wellwhere

Would you like to keep in shape after an active summer holiday or simply step up your fitness level, but you do not know which activity to go for? Then you may want to have a look at Wellwhere, a new Swiss start-up which provides access to different, existing fitness activities across Switzerland without requesting membership. 

Based in Lausanne, Wellwhere offers a flexible participation model, where the focus is on the preferred sporting activity of the customer and not on the provider. 

Marion Argi, co-founder of Wellwhere, explains: “The innovative aspect of Wellwhere is that customers are not limited to the courses of one fitness center or a chain, but that they can choose from a large variety of programmes offered by different providers. Our clients do not require membership, they can just pick and choose the activities they’d like to do. Thanks to our partnerships with five large fitness chains, they can access the services of more than 70 gyms across Switzerland and this number will grow further soon.”

How it works
The process is simple: You go to, and choose the location where you want to engage in sports or fitness activities. Then you select the facility and the access that you want to purchase.  This could be 1, 5 or 10 entries.  Alternatively you can also choose courses.  Payment is online and you receive an access code which allows entry to the sports facility where you can enjoy your workout session.