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FISU to launch Healthy Campus project

“Healthy Campus” is FISU’s new project aimed at improving overall healthy lifestyles and sport activities on campuses worldwide. It will launch with a number of pilot universities in early 2019. The initiative makes use of new technology, developed by the Swiss company “Katapult” based in EPFL Innovation Park. It offers a premier learning management system focused on health and sport that brings experts together and gives them the tools to fast-track their knowledge to individuals. The system consists of web access and a native mobile app for iOS and Android. 

Each participating student will have his or her own avatar which will progress according to the individual needs and receive targeted health advice. There is also an opportunity for universities to make their materials available to students from other universities and thereby promote knowledge sharing across the globe.

Swiss made technology
The technology was validated by top Swiss institutions, including the University of Lausanne (UNIL), the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and the Federal Office of Public Health. It was also part of the recent Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires and will be used at the next Winter Youth Olympic Games to be held in Lausanne in 2020.

“It is at an university that young people develop many of the habits they will keep for a lifetime. A healthy campus can promote healthy habits from regular sporting participation and eating well, to active modes of transport. And in turn those young people will go on to become leaders in society, where they will share their healthy habits” explains FISU President Oleg Matytsin and adds: “This is the simple, but powerful promise of our Healthy Campus project. Its potential, with more than 26,000 university campuses around the world, is vast.”

Universities joining in this new initiative will be rewarded with a Healthy Campus label.

About FISU
As the umbrella federation for university sport, FISU’s aim is to give all students an opportunity to participate in physical activity while encouraging a healthy way of life. In addition to the competitions of its member federations, FISU wishes to have an impact on inactive students or those who engage in recreational sport. There are approximately 180 million students in the world, and FISU, and its events, so far reaches 20,000 of them.