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For youth, by youth and with youth…co-creating with local talent for Lausanne 2020

The ongoing Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) have been hailed for a number of innovative concepts and one of them is the strong involvement of young people in the preparation and delivery of the event. No less than about 130,000 students from local schools, colleges and universities have contributed their talents to make the 3rd Winter YOG a success. ThinkSport has compiled some facts which amaze both in quality as well as in quantity!

Did you know that…

  • the Olympic cauldron, the medal trays as well as the podiums have all been designed by students from ECAL, the Art School of Lausanne, and then created by apprentices of the EDC Construction School and of C-FOR (Lausanne Utilities Training Centre); 
  • the mascot, pictograms and the visual identity of Lausanne 2020 have been created by students from eracom, a regional school for art and communications; 
  • students of the cantonal engineering school HEIG helped to develop the eco-friendly flame combustion system of the Olympic cauldron;  
  • the official Games’ song, as well as the music for the awards ceremonies, was composed by local music academy (HEMU) students;
  • students from EHL, one of the globally most renown hotel schools, have studied the benefits of sports nutrition, and more specifically of a personalised approach towards nutrition that athletes can use during the Youth Olympic Games. During the Games, these students are located at the Vortex centre, where the 1,880 athletes sleep and eat, in order to share their expertise; 
  • another group of EHL students has been working on various programmes for the YOG volunteers in order to enhance their experience;
  • students from another local school (HESSO) and EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne) worked on temporary modular spaces that could be set up at the competition sites in order to provide certain services and expand the educational experience at those venues as well;
  • EPFL students have studied the transportation methods and housing to be used for the Olympic athletes in order to help optimise organisational aspects; and
  • students are also assisting in delivering a comprehensive educational programme for the YOG athletes, developed jointly by the Lausanne University Hospital CHUV, the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and EPFL. You will find a dedicated story on this project on soon.

“Lausanne 2020 wants young people to be actors and not only spectators of the Games,” explains Stefany Chatelain-Cardenas, Lausanne 2020’s Youth Engagement Director. “That’s why we’ve been working with schools since 2016, to make students and apprentices part of the Games through several sporting and educational projects and activities.”

Rooted in Lausanne 2020’s drive to foster a renewed ownership of the Olympic values among local youth, it’s fair to say that the idea of YOG “for youth, by youth and with youth” has become a reality at this third edition of the Winter Youth Olympic Games.

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