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Get to know the new Swiss start-up "Kooloco" and win a sports adventure!

The Swiss start-up Kooloco has just launched with the ambition to revolutionise sports adventures. Since end June, you can book new experiences with them in Switzerland and around the world. From trekking across the Alps to immersing yourself in Indonesian tribes and the "Great Road" in e-Bike, these adventures are available now on and the free mobile application on iOS and Android. 

It was during a surf trip in the Philippines in 2016 that the idea of such a platform was born, when the founders of the project, Romain Magnin and Marc-Antoine Burgener, encountered difficulties in finding a guide capable of showing them the best waves on the island, away from the tourist crowds.

"We lost a lot of time and energy in finding a competent local expert. However, the quality and success of an expedition depends largely on the professionalism of the guide," explains Romain Magnin, head of Kooloco.

Having been confronted with this problem, the entrepreneurs developed a solution that would benefit all sports adventure enthusiasts. Whether users travel with family or friends, Kooloco claims to offer unique and authentic experiences for either a day or more, all guided by the best local experts.

Following the launch, the ambitious project was off to a promising start, with more than 300 service providers registered on the platform and more than 500 adventures listed. Happy to see such a success, Romain Magnin explains the vision of the start-up:

"We are subject to strong demand from service providers. Nevertheless, our mission is to offer authentic sporting adventures, thus guaranteeing our users not to fall into a tourist trap. We therefore carry out an important selection process to list only those adventures that meet our quality criteria.”

To mark the launch of its application, Kooloco offers 10 free adventures. The start-up will draw 10 winners from among the new users who have registered on the platform before July 10, 2019.

Click here to learn more and read the full press release by Kooloco.