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Global launch of FISU Healthy Campus project

Earlier this week, the FISU Healthy Campus opened for the first time to all universities world-wide. Aimed at positively impacting the lifestyles and well-being of millions of university students around the world, the project offers:

  • a bespoke platform that enables universities to improve health and well-being on campus; 
  • an unprecedented global network of best practices, successful projects and knowledge; 
  • a holistic view of fitness, including mental health, nutrition, social responsibility and sustainability; 
  • 100 projects that universities can develop to obtain the Healthy Campus Label certification  

The project provides a bridge between elite sport and the larger student community and was developed with the technical and scientific support from more than 30 recognised international experts in the field of health. Whilst about 10,000 to 20,000 athletes participate in FISU competitions at elite level, the Healthy Campus targets to get as many students as possible physically active in the long-term. There are more than 150 million university students across the globe. 

Seven universities across all continents, including the University of Lausanne (UNIL), have participated in a pilot project in order to develop the Healthy Campus concept. Universities which fulfil certain criteria will be able to obtain the FISU Healthy Campus Label.

Learn more and read the full FISU press release here. For more information on the FISU Healthy Campus project, please write to