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IF webinar on digital fan engagement attracts strong interest

Earlier this week, more than 100 representatives from International Federations (IFs) participated in a webinar on latest digital fan-engagement solutions.

David Fowler from SportsTech Match, who moderated the session, introduced the topic by stating: “Innovation is only valuable if it solves a problem that matters to an organisation.” He added: “If you don’t ask the right question, your search for a solution – whether it is a technology or non-technology solution – is unlikely to end well.”

Organised by Lausanne Olympic Capital and supported by ThinkSport, the webinar then featured 5-minute pitches from the following sport tech companies and start-ups, which are specialised either in data and insight; content production and distribution; or fan activation: 

Click here to view all the pitches.


All of the presenting companies showcased how their solutions are tailored to the needs and the resources of IFs. Their joint, underlying message: there are lots of opportunities for IFs to better leverage fan engagement, innovative and cost-efficient solutions are available, you just need to get started and the only limit is your own creativity!

Each presentation was followed by a live Q&A session which allowed the presenting companies to get in direct contact with a highly engaging audience. Through instant polling, the participants shared how they use fan-engagement technologies themselves and how are they tailor their member support in the digital space.

Subsequently, the webinar featured a panel discussion with selected IF innovation experts: Veronika Muehlhofer (CEO of Suisse Rugby), Pierre Germeau (Head of Digital Services at GAISF) and Ralph Straus (Commercial Director at FEI) shared their rich experience in the field of fan engagement. It became clear that it is crucial to know your audiences in order to choose the right, impactful solutions to engage with them. Technology helps on both fronts: to better know your fans, but also to engage with them.  In light of the ongoing global health crisis, it was also discussed how innovative technologies can be adapted and implemented within the realities of today’s international sporting landscape. The need to retain amateur athletes (often forced to stop their sporting activity during the pandemic) as a core fan group was highlighted as well.

Despite these current challenges, the seminar concluded on a positive note. The halt of many sporting events due to the COVID-19 pandemic provides sport organisations with some important time to think about the platforms they use and to explore alternative ones, adapted to the new situation. The strong interest in this webinar showed there is certainly some truth to that.