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Innovation alert: Force8 develops modular Athlete and Team Management System

Interested in smart coaching? is a cloud-based athlete and team management system that enables clubs and associations to configure their own individual platform from various modules according to their own needs, structures and characteristics. Training programmes, objectives and corresponding exercises can be digitised; all relevant data such as statistics, evaluations, tests and surveys can be recorded and clearly displayed. This versatile solution enables a professional athletes’ monitoring and supports achieving peak performance. Training and competition planning are also available. All communication to the athletes, staff and parents is done directly from the system by email or push notifications to the athletes’ mobile app.

The system, developed by Zurich-based sports tech company Force8, aims to serve customers regardless of their size or budget. It can be used from beginner to pro level and can be customised to all sports and disciplines. Individual adjustments to specific modules are developed with experts from the related sport.

“Our solution is quite innovative by integrating a development programme with the appropriate exercises. Therefore, if federations have a training strategy for their athletes, it would be the perfect system to reach out to all coaches and athletes with this idea”, says Philipp Caretta, COO of Force8. “In addition, one can choose between and combine so many different modules according to the exact needs which even allows organisations with less resources, e.g. local clubs, to take advantage of our system.” 

National federations, including the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation (SIHF), have integrated their own training programmes into and all their members can easily access them. Currently, Force8 is also developing an individual solution for the Swiss Ski Federation ‘SwissSki’, by working closely with the federation’s research team and head coaches. Over 14’000 athletes of various sports from the alpine, nordic and freestyle disciplines will be managed though this system. In order to ensure that the coaches have access to all relevant data in one place, interfaces (APIs) are also used to integrate data (e.g. video analyses, GPS evaluations) coming from other sports tech providers who work with SwissSki.

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