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Innovation alert: have fun moving with LAZR

In order to make exercise fun and get more people moving, the team of the Geneva based start-up LAZR has combined fitness, laser technology and gaming to provide a compelling cardio workout.

How it works
Each participant wears a harness and a handle which suit various body types. For an adjustable duration and in pairs (one versus one), you must try to hit your opponent with the laser of your handle while moving to avoid receiving shots. Once hit, your target turns red and you need to burn calories to reactivate yourself (move!). When your target turns yellow, do a muscle strengthening exercise (push-ups, squats, etc.). When the target turns green again, repeat the process.

The creative minds behind LAZR promise that 20 minutes of their training twice a week will strengthen your cardiovascular capacities, your balance, coordination and reflexes. The training method is also being tested with elite athletes.

Customised app
The equipment of LAZR fitness is the result of 5 years development work in Switzerland and two years of real-life testing in Los Angeles. The developers were keen to ensure optimal precision, design and digital experience. No cable between the handle and the harness allows for a total freedom of movement and exciting performances. The users can store their games related data on a customised mobile app, which also serves to build a LAZR community.  

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