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Job offers and education programmes up on now!

This week, ThinkSport has extended its online services with two new sections integrated into its database: the first one features a number of Bachelors’, Masters’ and Continuous Education programmes offered by Thinksport’s academic partners. The second new section comprises a range of job offers across Switzerland. ThinkSport members have the opportunity to populate both new pages with their offers in these respective fields.

“Since we launched our website a year ago, we have continually developed our services”, said Anna Hellman, Director of ThinkSport. She added: “It is exciting to see these latest additions online, featuring job and educational offers for the ThinkSport ecosystem. We are confident that they will be of added value for our network and expect them to grow over the coming months.”

Check out the new sections and give us your feedback. Your input is important as ThinkSport evolves.