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Major investment boosts start-up Peerspoint SA, targeting sport industry

Just last week it was announced that Peerspoint SA, an upcoming SaaS Blockchain start-up, signed a pre-seed investment of CHF 570K with Business Investigation SA, a Swiss artificial intelligence and predictive software company.

Peerspoint SA will venture with Business Investigation SA to adapt and deploy their GPS machine learning and predictive analysis solution across the sport and leisure industries. The intention of both companies is to merge acquired knowledge to develop and launch a specific solution, integrating blockchain technology, and made for the sport and leisure industries. The co-joint developed Peerspoint GPS software will be distributed worldwide across clubs, leagues, federations, international federations and betting companies.

Peerspoint SA will provide its white label software to administrating stakeholders & championships of federations. It will also provide its predictive software for pro clubs, leagues, national/international federations, agents and betting agencies. The predictive software enables its users to increase the chances of hiring the best athletes (both upcoming athletes and established professional athletes) prior and during “mercato / scouting” periods, pre-generating an ideal team-sheet for the upcoming game, preparing next season team scouting, and refiningbetting to increase their users’ chance of success.

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Peerspoint SA participated in the start-up battle of the inaugural edition of THE SPOT last year and will present their newest solution at THE SPOT 2019, which will take place from 28 to 29 May in Lausanne. Don’t miss out and go to