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New, compact education programme on anti-doping

Are you working in sport and would like to increase your knowledge of the diverse aspects related to anti-doping in a time-efficient way? Then you may want to check out the new four-week certified education programme on Anti-Doping for Sport, rolled out by the University of Lausanne, in cooperation with AISTS.

The new programme is a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) which will offer the opportunity to participants to gain a comprehensive overview of key issues related to anti-doping: from administrative matters, scientific aspects and biological processes to testing schemes, investigative procedures, the legal framework and ethical considerations.  The course is open to practitioners from any discipline related to anti-doping sciences and operations who hold a university degree (at least BSc) or any equivalent degree of a higher education academic or professional programme.

An international team of lecturers, led by Prof. Martial Saugy and Dr. Raphael Faiss from the University of Lausanne's Center of Research and Expertise in anti-Doping sciences (REDs), will ensure that the course’s subject matter is not limited to regional, national or sport specific issues, but covers all the aspects that sport organisations, and more generally professionals involved in top-level sport, must address with regards to doping and integrity issues. The course requires participating in two compulsory two-week modules, scheduled for March 2019 and March 2020. It represents 128 h of lectures and approx. 225 h of personal work (module and examination preparation).

Registration is open until 30 November 2018. The fee is 8,900 CHF.

Learn more here and contact for specific information.