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New SPOBI App to motivate sports enthusiasts

A new, free App by SPOBI (Sports Being Intelligent) aims to support the sporting spirit of grassroots athletes, teams, sports clubs and coaches by covering their practical needs and pushing their motivation. SPOBI is a sport-tech and marketing company and also a member of ThinkSport. 

The app is Apple and Android compatible and can link to professional tracking devices, like Fieldwiz, Mac-Lloyd sport as well as Garmin, Fitbit, Apple watches and other wearables. It combines software for data tracking, scheduling and messaging with a unique challenge and reward system and extends to all kinds of sport. 

Users quickly create a profile and start linking with their coach, teammates, partners and others in their sport community. The user-friendly application provides clear performance data, enabling training adjustments. Coaches, athletes, club managers and players can track times, distances, routes and scores, as well as set targets, run their calendar, schedule meetings and games, send messages and reminders, and connect to social media. Performance data is neatly transmitted from wearables or entered into the system by coaches. 

This data is the basis for the app’s challenge and reward system. The purpose is to inspire to break records, set new personal bests, outplay opponents or try a new route or distance. Succeeding is coming with a reward. 

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