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New university certificate on the Regulation of Global Sport (CAS ReGS)

The University of Lausanne (UNIL) is offering a new Certificate of Advanced Studies on the Regulation of Global Sport (CAS ReGS) course, starting in February 2020. The global sports ecosystem is becoming increasingly complex and requires an in-depth understanding of both its legal and geopolitical dimensions and its inherent multi-faceted challenges. It is an ecosystem that comprises long-standing international non-profit sports organisations (which are mostly based in Switzerland) and public and private organisations. Relevant regulations derive from domestic/national legislation as well as transnational sports rules (“soft laws”). The new UNIL certificate will examine the following three areas:

  • The global sports ecosystem
  • The laws of global sport
  • The challenges inherent in global sport

The programme is aimed at participants who have a first university degree in a relevant field or who manage global sport organisations or units thereof. In taking the CAS ReGS, participants will have the opportunity to become highly skilled global sport experts and managers in multinational companies and organisations, law firms, courts, NGOs and academia. A small number of seats are reserved for university graduates in career transition and possessing the relevant profiles, and for foreign students taking the Master’s in International Business Law.

The new course is overseen by Prof. Emmanuel Bayle, Prof. Andrea Bonomi, Prof. Stefano Caneppele and Prof. Jean-Loup Chappelet, and will feature several guest speakers.

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