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O2score provides nomad device to assess physical recovery

Innovation alert - here is another promising solution developed recently by a Swiss start-up!

O2score, a young sport sciences spin-off from Mitra Distribution (a Swiss start-up based in Morges) has just entered the market with an integrated solution, allowing to self-quantify a critical recuperation parameter linked with oxidative stress. By using this system – which provides a nomad device and an associated software - professional athletes, coaches as well as leisure sports enthusiasts can ameliorate their physical performance while preventing injuries caused by fatigue or overtraining.

How it works
The system analyses the recovery of the athlete by measuring the variations of the “antioxidant defence” system. An accurate and objective understanding of the physical recovery enables then the athlete to dose his or her efforts in order to optimise every training session. With a well-balanced system, it is possible to achieve performances in the best possible conditions. In fact, bad recovery values (too high or too low) indicate an objective risk of performance diminution and/or an increased probability of inflammation or injury.

The product, which was developed in cooperation with scientists from the EPFL, can be used in any sport, but so far has been mainly applied in endurance sports like triathlon, cycling and cross-country skiing. O2score also provides personalised trainings for coaches and individuals. To expand its target market and initiate ambitious development programmes, O2score is also currently looking for business partners and has recently started a financing round. 

The young company recently chose to become a member of ThinkSport in order to navigate efficiently through the region’s rich and unique sport ecosystem.