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One month to go until inaugural RESPONSIBALL Forum on Refugees and Sport in Lausanne

In a move to optimise the impact of sport to integrate refugees, SchweryCade, a Swiss-based, independent social entrepreneurship, will organise the inaugural RESPONSIBALL Forum on 8 November 2018 in Lausanne. The event offers the opportunity for people interested in sport and social inclusion to come together for a day of learning, sharing and in-depth discussions. 

As the number of refugees continue to increase worldwide, building understanding and opportunities for integration and inclusion is important for everybody involved. Sport has proven to be a valuable tool not only to include refugees into local communities, but also as a means of building cultural and individual awareness. 

The Forum will explore and present good practices that are currently being implemented to use sport as a tool to integrate refugees into local communities. From the Belgian Football Association to the IOC, and from the Fare network to UNHCR, examples from the sports and humanitarian world are numerous. Through workshops and open discussions, Forum participantswill get a holistic view of the positive work that is being done, which can serve as a springboard toward promoting and implementing new initiatives, and overcoming future challenges in this area.

Visit the RESPONSIBALL Forum website for more information or click here to register.