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r’Ose Transat – an exceptional sailing project to support the healing process after breast cancer

In November, a female crew from Switzerland will embark on the Canary Islands and sail across the Atlantic. Eight women, six of whom have endured breast cancer, a doctor and a skipper, will cover 3,000 miles aiming to reach Martinique in approximately 21 days. 

The goal of the project “r’Ose Transat” is to support the healing process of the crew members by keeping them physically active and giving them confidence, raise awareness of the disease which affects one in eight women in Switzerland, and attract more girls and women to the sport of sailing.

The idea around this human adventure was initiated by Elisabeth Thorens-Gaud, a breast cancer survivor who is passionate about writing and sailing. She was keen to share the experience of crossing the Atlantic with other affected women and was lucky to find the support of her oncologist Dr. Didier Jallut and her gynaecologist Dr. Carine Clément Wiig. The latter did not hesitate a moment to supervise the crossing of the Atlantic when she heard about the project. With only a few more months to go, the crew members are currently practicing their skills and team work on Lake Geneva.

"In the past five or six years, many studies have demonstrated that physical activity significantly reduces side effects during treatment, especially in the case of long-term hormone therapy”, explains Dr. Didier Jallut. “Through physical activity, we can help change the course of the disease. But obviously this should not replace other treatments. It's complementary."

r’Ose Transat, which is supported by several sponsors, is a non-profit project that aims to raise additional funds for breast cancer awareness raising initiatives and future women sailing projects. Check out here the endorsement of Swiss sailor Justine Mettraux, who has already competed in the Volvo Ocean Race.

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