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Share your expertise as a football fan!

Are you a football fan, based in the Lausanne region, and interested in shaping the fan experience at EURO 2024? Then clear your diary for the morning of 30 April, get involved in the IMD Sport Challenge and share your expertise as a football fan.

ThinkSport, IMD Business School and UEFA have teamed up to create an Innovation Challenge that will bring together 18 teams comprising MBA students from IMD and designers from ECAL, the Lausanne University of Art and Design. Over the course of a week, the teams will compete against each other and develop ideas for improving the fan experience at EURO 2024, which means they need YOUR input as a football fan. The winning idea will help shape the organisation of the tournament.

UEFA have identified three aspects of the fan journey where they see opportunities to create additional value for fans and deliver on key business objectives:

  • How to develop the “UEFA Festival” experience to increase engagement and grow fan participation?
  • How to enhance the “in-seat” offering, providing ticket holders with an unparalleled experience?
  • UEFA do all they can to ensure their tournaments are inclusive and open to all. How can they take this one step further and offer fans with additional needs an outstanding tournament experience?

Don’t worry! No one’s expecting you to come up with the answers to these questions. That’s a task the competing teams from IMD and ECAL have to perform. However, your views matter and will be taken into account as they work on innovative solutions!

If you want to be a part of this exciting challenge and join the “Meet the Fans” session from 9.00 to 10.30am on 30 April 2019, then click here to find out more and to register.