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Start-up Alogo Analysis launches new analysis tool for horse riders

Alogo Analysis, a young company based in the Canton of Vaud and developer of innovative solutions that offers statistical data for equestrian sports, has just launched a new product. “Alogo MOVE” provides riders and their coaches with an in-depth analysis of their training or competition, with the data being directly delivered via an App or to a computer. The innovative tool uses a small sensor with an integrated GPS, attached directly to the girth of the saddle, without disturbing rider or horse. The same technology is also used by the aeronautic industry.

Alogo MOVE detects the course and each movement of the horse in a 3D environment, up to an accuracy of 4cm. Cameras are no longer required to be installed around the course, neither is it necessary to carry a smartphone. The sensor is self-sufficient and collects data such as the ridden distance, the duration of a training or course, the time spent at each pace (walk, trot, canter), the number of strides, the rhythm, the speed, the number of obstacles jumped as well as the path mapping. In addition, Alogo MOVE signals potential injuries by identifying inconsistencies in the horse’s movements which may indicate a health issue.

Learn more about the new solution here.

“Alogo MOVE is revolutionising equestrian sports”, claims Alogo Analysis founder and CEO David Deillon. He explains: “Many other sports already use video footage to analyse individual athletes as well as team performances, but not quite as precisely as we do with our sensor. We have no intention to take away the human aspect of coaching, nor to work as a replacement to the riders’ feeling while riding, which we believe both to be essential. We propose an innovative solution to accompany athletes in their pursuit of perfection; helping them identify their errors, to better correct them”.

A Swiss rider himself, David Deillon founded his company in 2016. Based in Apples, Vaud, Alogo Analysis has been supported by Innovaud and Vaud’s Office for Economic Affairs (SPEI) which provides direct financial incentives for specific business projects to support the creation and establishment of enterprises, as well as the development of Vaud-based small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups looking to innovate or expand. In 2017, Alogo Analysis featured among the “Silver Winners” of the 2017 Mass Challenge Switzerland. Its solutions have been already used by major events organisers, including those of The Concours Hippique International de Genève, one of the Majors of the Grand Slam, the Longines Paris Eiffel as well as the Jumping International de Verbier. 

Alogo Analysis also featured at the start-up battle at the inaugural edition of THE SPOT, organised by ThinkSport earlier this year. The second edition of THE SPOT will take place from 28 to 29 May 2019 in Lausanne and, once again, offer many exciting opportunities for start-ups active in the fields of physical activity and sport.

If you want to learn more about Alogo Analysis, contact or meet the team at the upcoming CHI Geneva. The sensor will be presented in “avant première” at this event, taking place from 6 to 9 December 2018 at Palexpo.