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THE SPOT to welcome ASOIF and its member federations

The 2022 edition of ThinkSport’s international sport and innovation event, THE SPOT, will bring together a large number of sport organisations, major companies, startups, academic experts and other stakeholders on 17 and 18 May in Lausanne (Switzerland). Everything is set for one and a half days of unparalleled discovery, learning and network acceleration! One of the key stakeholders to attend the out-of-the-box event will be the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) and its Technology and Innovation Consultative Group (TICG), composed of sport technology and innovation experts from ASOIF’s member federations.  Initially created to support a sport data project, TICG now focuses on sports innovation and digital applications; and provides advice on related issues of common interest to the Summer Olympic International Federations (IFs). 

In anticipation of THE SPOT, we caught up with James Carr, ASOIF Deputy Executive Director, to find out more about the IFs’ stake in innovation. How much do they need, how much do they embrace new solutions?

“According to an innovation survey sent to ASOIF members in 2021, most IFs do see the necessity for their organisations to be innovative, especially in the fields of event broadcasting and production, fan engagement and esports or gaming”, explained James Carr. “Most IFs incorporate ‘innovation’ as part of their strategic agendas, but only a few set up positions of a dedicated Innovation Manager or Officer within their federation. Innovation in most IFs is still supported and implemented across different internal departments or functions.”

Asked about specific challenges IFs are facing to their ambitions in the field of innovation, James explained:

“To start with, it’s important to recognise the IFs’ diversity in terms of size and resources which heavily impact their ways of operating. Then, looking at barriers to innovation in federations, those are often a lack of financial resources, time, expertise as well as innovation culture. However, we have seen a number of ‘early adopters’ among the IFs, which are ready to embrace new solutions.”

At THE SPOT, IFs will be able to explore and understand the latest trends and solutions; connect with experts who can advise on innovative undertakings; and look at best practice from other sectors.

“The SPOT is a great platform for IFs to directly interact with both mature sport technology companies and promising startups and to find potential innovative solutions in a cost-effective manner,” said James Carr. He concluded: “It’s also a great occasion for IF representatives to gather, exchange ideas, and learn from each other.”


THE SPOT is co-organised by ThinkSport, the SwissTech Convention Center, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and the Canton of Vaud. Stay tuned and follow all updates on www.thespot2022.orgTwitter and LinkedIn.

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