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Athletes and Human Rights the focus of Sport Future Rendez-Vous 2022

This 2022 edition of Sport Future Rendez-Vous will take place on 29 September from 5pm to 7.30pm at the Synathlon Building on the University of Lausanne campus, Switzerland. Jointly organised by ThinkSport and the University of Lausanne (UNIL), the annual event features expert discussions on pressing topics in sport. On the agenda this year: “Athletes and Human Rights”, from the perspective of a lawyer, a sociologist, an expert from the Geneva-based NGO “Centre for Sport and Human Rights” and a representative from the World Players Association.

The conference will address urgent questions such as: Why should human rights stop at the threshold of the sporting world? How to promote athletes' freedom of expression? How do athletes organise themselves vis-à-vis international sports organisations? Should the Court of Arbitration for Sport refer to international conventions in case of disputes?

The following four experts will present current and future issues, existing forms of commitment, and challenges still to be met in order to guarantee the respect of the athletes’ fundamental rights throughout the world:

  • Véronique Boillet, Professor of Law at the University of Lausanne
  • Hans Erik Næss, Professor in Sport Management, Kristiana University, Oslo, Norway
  • Guido Battaglia, Head of Policy and Outreach, Centre for Sport and Human Rights
  • Florian Yelin, Policy and Research Coordinator, World Players Association

The expert presentations will be followed by a round table discussion which will also involve the audience. The main language of the meeting will be French, however questions can also be posed in English. Participation is free, with mandatory registration. Click here to learn more and to save your place.

Read the event flyer.