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Advanced Sport Instruments rebrands into insiders

Earlier this week, Advanced Sport Instruments (ASI), an expert company for providing innovative solutions to track performance related data in sport, launched its new identity and rebranded into insiders.

Insiders was born to modernise the brand and cater to outdoor sports providing more accurate tracking and performance measurement solutions for football, cycling, skiing, biathlon, field hockey, running, and many more sports. Insiders aims to presents new ways of considering and of consuming sports by offering live data transmission and analysis via 4G and 5G.

Julien Moix, COO, explained: “With insiders, we wanted a brand that better illustrated our vision of actionable tracking data in sports and beyond (eHealth, eSafety...). We like to summarise that insiders brings you information that you and others don't have, to give you a competitive advantage. It also reflects our evolution towards mixed reality or new projects to bridge the gap between virtual and reality.”

“This year will mark our entry in major endurance sport events as well as the realization of the convergence of performance data and fan-engagement with amazing projects in the pipeline. “ added Lionel Yersin, founder and CTO.

After having been, in 2018, the first electronic sensor certified by FIFA for official matches and having seen its products used by 10 medallists of the Swiss Olympic team ever since, this year insiders will provide equipment for the INEOS-Grenadier cycling team which has an unmatched record of Grand Tour successes and has now chosen insiders to help track and measure its riders and system performance.

Another new partnership has been sealed with the Super League Triathlon (SLT) to develop second-screen broadcasting and engagement, a project for which insiders will equip 100% of the Giro d'Italia peloton in 2023.

Insiders’ ambition is to equip 1200 races and 1m+ athletes by 2027.

Click here to read insiders’ full press release.

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