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NEW at THE SPOT: pitch your company at the Open Mic session

Here is a ‘first’ at this year’s edition of THE SPOT: participants are invited to become part of the new Open Mic session on the main stage, where they perform a one-minute sales pitch about the products or services of their company in front of the curious, open-minded THE SPOT audience.

THE SPOT is all about networking, connecting dots, finding new partners, discovering innovative solutions and initiating positive change. The inaugural ‘Open Mic session’, which will take place on 9 May, from 13:45 to 14:05h at the SwissTech Convention Center, supports this mission.

Any participant in THE SPOT 2023 can apply to participate by sending an email to and telling in 500 characters max (including spaces) what their sales pitch will be about. Based on the quality of the applications received, ThinkSport will then select and invite 10 to 15 delegates to join this special session. The deadline for the application is Thursday 4 May at 12 pm CET time.

Event information
Under the overarching theme of “Innovation for sustainable futures”, sustainable business transformation and innovating with purpose will take centre stage at THE SPOT 2023 to drive progress in sport.

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Game changers from various fields will come to Lausanne (Switzerland) on 8 and 9 May to share their approaches, perspectives, and solutions for sustainable transformation. The aim: to inspire, accelerate progress, and empower everyone in sport to take forward new, promising, and practical ideas for profound change.