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ThinkSport in “speedy boarding” mode following membership model launch

Since the recent launch of its membership model, ThinkSport welcomed more than 30 official members from different sectors to its unique network. Among them are European and International federations, start-ups and other innovative businesses in the sports industry.

Any company or organisation with interest in sport and physical activity can now officially join ThinkSport, either as a standard or as premium member, depending on the rights and benefits they would like to make use of. These include access to a unique B2B network in sport as well as a Directory of key players, to ThinkSport’s “One Stop Shop” Information Office in Sport and related services (business calendar, database of innovative projects, education programmes and jobs), invitations and discounts to special events and an official association with ThinkSport through a label. Learn more here.

ThinkSport Director Anna Hellman explains: “We spent the last year to introduce ThinkSport to sport-related organisations, businesses and institutions in the region in order to build trust in our project. At the same time we developed our specialised services to add value to the activities of our members. After this important ground work, it is now the right time to take the next step and provide for an official membership structure.” She adds: “We are thrilled by the interest we have seen from the various players during the last weeks and welcome new members literally every day. This is an important milestone on our journey of becoming a strong and recognised association.”

Founded by the City of Lausanne, the Canton of Vaud, the Swiss Confederation and the International Olympic Committee, ThinkSport brings together sport-related excellence from sport organisations, research and development institutes, educational bodies, businesses, health institutions, the public sector, international organisations and NGOs. It is the first network of its kind and aims to create positive and creative dialogue among these different sectors, thereby driving talent and innovation in sport.

Thanks to its strong founders, ThinkSport is being developed as a sustainable and cost-efficient association, working towards generating enough revenue (through the founders, commercial partners and membership fees) to develop services for, and projects with, ThinkSport members.