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Wanted: sponsors for first environmentally sustainable off-shore racing yacht

Do you believe in the compatibility of sustainable solutions and high performance in sport? Then, this new innovative project being developed in the Lake Geneva region may be for you! 

Louis Wessels, a skipper passionate about understanding and addressing the challenges which our planet is facing, has embarked on the adventure of constructing the first environmentally sustainable off-shore racing yacht, due to take off at the Mini-Transat-Race in 2023. During this bi-annual race, the competing sailors cover a route of 7500+ km from France to Guadeloupe, which takes them nearly a month with no external support or communication.

Louis has teamed up with innovative start-ups and companies in the region to build a 6.50m yacht constructed from a carbon negative bio-composite material and recycled PET bottles. The entire hull, roof, and supporting structure of the boat consists of a bamboo-based twill, locally cultivated, and bio-sourced resin. In conjunction the bio-composite is over 80% plant-based and has an impressive negative carbon footprint. The boat’s sandwich construction employs a foam from 100% recycled PET bottles, fully recyclable and fully circular. The yacht will be equipped with industrially recyclable sails by One Sails Switzerland, which have already withstood the world's toughest offshore race, the Vendée Globe, used by two boats in the 2020 edition. In addition, all energy requirements for the yacht are supplied by renewable sources and propulsion is electric. The boat will receive the 'Efficient Solution' label by Solar Impulse.

“Our yacht defines new standards in performance racing by combining green construction and the latest developments in sailing including hydro foiling technology,” say Louis Wessels. “I firmly believe that it’s possible to protect the environment by creating technology that’s not only clean, but also profitable. The project aims to prove bio-composite clean technology in performance sailing and drive a transition in the nautical industry to more sustainable practice.”

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