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Zurich to host 4th Sportdata & Performance Forum

The annual Sportdata & Performance Forum delves into the exciting world of data analytics and how it applies to high performance sport. From predictive insight into sporting performance, machine learning, sports biometrics, data from wearable technologies and how data can enable effective player recruitment, training and assist with injury prevention, Big Data is having a massive impact in the sporting domain. Elite athletes and teams nowadays have the possibility to collect a vast amount of data about their training, results, etc., but the challenge is unlocking the insights buried in that data and making it more actionable.

This year’s edition of the Annual Sportdata & Performance Forum will provide important insights and solutions. The event will take place in Zurich, Switzerland, from 27 to 28 November 2017. It serves as a platform for sport performance specialists to examine the convergence of technologies that has allowed the unprecedented collection and analysis of sporting metrics, and how this can be applied effectively by sporting organisations to achieve success on and off the field of play.

Key topics to be addressed at the 2017 Sportdata & Performance Forum include:

  • Using data modelling to enable sports organisations make better sporting decisions
  • Using virtual reality to analyse sports performance
  • Influencing variables vs. key performance indicators in sports analytics (lab testing vs. performance on the pitch)
  • Machine learning and predictive analysis in 21st century elite sport
  • Strategic planning with sports analytics
  • The power of psychometrics & competitive edge in football
  • The biometrics revolution in sports science

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The networking experience will be enhanced by the attendance of solution providers and analytics software developers in this sector, consultants and sports academic institutions.

In addition, the Swiss chapter of the International Association of Computer Science in Sport (IACSS) will officially be launched at the conference. This new entity will be known as the Swiss Association of Computer Science in Sport (SACSS) and its aim will be to improve the cooperation between academic and industrial players in the field of computer science in the sporting domain. This will happen through annual meetings with presentations and discussions of current research results as well as the creation of joint research and development projects.

You can also follow the event on twitter via @SportDataNow