2018 Start-up Battle



2018 Start-up Battle

The countdown to THE SPOT’s Start-up Battle is on!

​On Day 1 starting at 10h15, 40 innovative young companies will go toe to toe in a start-up battle where investors, experts from International Sports Federations, and business leaders will be on hand as scrutineers for each 3-minute pitch.
There will be four preliminary rounds before the final. In the final, scheduled from 17h15 to 18h15, you will be invited to have your say in the crowning of the eventual champion by casting your vote. 

Discover the contenders


A manufacturer, marketer and operator of a new generation of sustainable sports halls, 4πR² has all the tools to go deep in the competition.

Country: France
Gameplan: produces intelligent and connected urban equipment to develop smart cities
Secret weapon: Bulle d’energie®: sport hall that turns physical exertion into renewable energy
Strengths: accessible to all, free to use, environment friendly

A one-stop shop for media relations professionals, already has the press on its side. Next target: the start-up battle judges.

Country: Poland/ USA
Secret weapon: award-winning system for media relations work, including accreditations, press releases, journalist database
Srengths: a one-stop shop for press offices and journalists alike
Experience: 11,770 journalists, 134 press offices and 52,623 applications already on board

​Aerotain AG

When AEROTAIN and its drones enter the start-up battle, opponents won’t know what hit them.

Country: Switzerland
Secret weapon: safe and fully customizable drones for sports and entertainment events
Strengths: drones can fly above crowds and interact with them – a marketer’s dream 
Experience: featured in Adweek, BBC,

Alogo Analysis SA

A developer of innovative solutions that provide statistical data for equestrian sports, Alogo will look to make it a one-horse race when it enters the fray on May 15.

Country: Switzerland
Strengths: provides statistical data for equestrian sports
Secret weapons: range of hi-tech, innovative products that provide highly accurate performance stats for training and competition
Goals: to improve rider performance, increase understanding of the sport, enhance spectator experience, boost fan engagement


It’s safe to say that sensor and camera-based performance analysis firm Archinisis has already sized up its opponents. Now it’s time for battle!

Country: Switzerland
Strengths: sensor and camera-based performance analysis and monitoring tools 
Goals: to improve coaching of elite athletes in outdoor winter sports


Look for next-generation horse whisperers Arioneo to ‘harras’ their opponents into submission.

Country: France
Secret weapon: innovative connected devices that measure biometric, health, sport parameters on equines
Strengths: company researches, designs, develops the devices 
Goals: to allow owners, trainers, riders to understand their horses better through objective information


ThinkSport is pleased to welcome start-up ASI to The Spot May 15-16. A Lausanne-based sports-tech company, ASI’s flagship product FieldWiz helps athletes and coaches optimise their game.

Swiss entrant is known for targeting the central nervous system using its predictive monitoring tool. Should come in handy during a start-up battle.

Country: Switzerland
Secret weapon: first non-invasive, predictive monitoring tool for central nervous system 
Strengths: user-friendly interface to powerful mathematical model can be connected to everyday devices such as smartphones and watches
Goals: improving users’ wellbeing and performance through corrective and preventive therapeutic actions

BEAT Fitness SA

Look for BEAT Fitness to HIIT opponents hard, leaving them in a Bharadvaja’s Twist with their heads Spinning. (See what we did there?) 

Country: Switzerland
Strengths: Lausanne’s first pay-as-you-go fitness studio offering 45-minute Spinning, HIIT and Yoga workouts
Secret weapon: you! No contract needed, no membership fees. In addition, BEAT provides complimentary cycling shoes, yoga mats, towels and spa products
Bonus points: every class driven by a unique playlist and energetic, positive instructors that lead customers through a physical and emotional journey

Content Stadium


They say that content is king, which is royally good news for Content Stadium on May 15. 

Country: Netherlands
Secret weapon: easy-to-use software that instantly creates professional, engaging sports visuals, animations and videos for social media
Strengths: no knowledge of Photoshop or other editing tools required, can be integrated with stats providers in just one click
Target users: editorial teams at sports organisations



Dazzl has a shooting location for all rivals on May 15: the cutting room floor. 

Country: France
Strengths: cloud-based, video-editing platform allows users to acquire, produce and distribute video content on the go anytime, anywhere
Secret weapon: Dazzl Producer, designed to be an editing, compositing and master control tool for live broadcasts – a television van in your mobile browser!
Target users: Sports Organisations, Media, Broadcasters


No stranger to start-up battles, DigitArena brings more advertising nous than you can shake an LED billboard at.

Country: Switzerland
Secret weapon: unique software to revolutionise advertising on the field of play
Strengths: patented technology tailors in-stadia ads to TV or VR viewers depending on where they are located in the world 
Goals: potential to drastically increase ad revenues from sports events



Enjore is used to connecting people. On May 15 it hopes to connect a few uppercuts. 

Country: Italy
Secret weapon: platform to manage sports competitions in a professional, efficient way and easily connect teams, players, referees and fans
Strengths: customised website and easy-to-use app to share results, news, photos and videos in real time
Bragging rights: more than 30,000 league and team organisers already use Enjore



Normally in the business of taking care of and preventing injuries, therapeutic center ENMOUVEMENT will be looking to do exactly the opposite on May 15. 

Country: Switzerland
Strengths: therapeutic center dedicated to sports activities and artistic performances 
Secret weapon: new kind of pluridisciplinary care for athletes and artists, amateur or professional
Covers: from prevention to specific physical preparation, and injury tracking to retraining



​Home or away, Fanpictor knows how to get the crowd behind it. This could get loud. 

Country: Switzerland
Secret weapon: cutting-edge, network independent solutions to elevate fan experience
Strengths: digital platform allows corporate sponsors to place brands at heart of emotional, unforgettable moments in sport
Value proposition: content creation, revenue creation, data analytics

​ForwardGame AR


Could strategy gurus Forward Game AR already have the start-up battle figured out? We’ll find out on May 15.

Country: Germany
Secret weapon: creator of strategy mobile games, gameplay set in real world
Strengths: multiplayer interaction, location-based, integrates interactive augmented reality
Goal: be a bridge between virtual and physical worlds, reintroduce fun of playing back to streets, parks and backyards

​Gait Up

Lausanne’s own Gait Up will greet its rivals with local hospitality. And maybe a right hook for good measure. 

Country: Switzerland
Strengths: combining smart sensors and biomechanics, provides best-quality motion analysis solutions for sports, health, entertainment
Secret weapon: wearables that rival accuracy of legacy motion labs
Experience: spin-off of EPFL, trusted by 150+ customers in 29 countries


Got game? GotCourts sure does. 

Country: Switzerland
Secret weapon: platform for racket sports players to connect, find courts, partners, opponents, coaches, competitions
Strengths: quickly and easily find a court nearby to book online, or an opponent to play that is of similar age and playing ability
Experience: rapid growth since starting in 2014, already connects 100,000 racket sports enthusiasts around the world


Levuro knows how to spin a yarn in 280 characters or less. But how will the story unfold? Find out on May 15.

Country: Switzerland
Secret weapon: native social media marketing tool to run efficient and improved social media marketing campaigns
Strengths: user-friendly marketing tool allows easy planning, scheduling, editing, publishing of engaging campaigns and optimised storytelling
Experience: five years’ experience building OTT solutions for innovative social TV companies in Europe

​LKP Sport SA


LKP Sport is a firm believer that practice makes perfect. Training now over, bring on May 15! 

Country: Switzerland
Strengths: develops products and methodologies to improve information taking, reactivity and player performance
Secret weapon: lookup, which is a group of connected light cells that act as interactive cones that coaches can use to randomise exercises to improve player performance
Bonus: affordable price

Magnes Sports

Magnes, maker of wearable cycling powermeters, will bring another gear to the proceedings. 

Country: Switzerland
Secret weapon: wearable cycling powermeter STYX
Strengths: fully embedded in the cleat, device requires no modification to the bike. measures how cyclist pushes on pedals, provides insight into technique, pedaling efficiency, and fit on bike
Benefits: quantitative date helps monitor performance, improve endurance and cycling habits

My Coach Sport


My Coach Sport aims to school its opponents on May 15. 

Country: France
Strengths: conceives and develops digital tools to make coaching easier
Aims: digital development of sports organisations, spread of best practices, promotion of performance optimisation
Bragging rights: one of France’s eight most promising startups


If any company knows how to handle itself in a start-up battle, it’s MyNextmatch, which eats, sleeps and breathes combat sports. It’s time! 

Country: Great Britain
Secret weapon: innovative sports management platform working to create a better, safer and fairer environment for combat sports
Strengths: provides industry-leading events and membership management services that connect with revolutionary medical database
Targets: fans, athletes (amateurs to pros), coaches, officials, medical professionals, executives



MYOTEST promises to be a big test for any opponent on May 15.

Country: Switzerland
Strengths: at the forefront of measuring and analysing physical capacities in sport & health, helping people to move better and reduce future health issues
Secret weapon: software technology to measure body motion from any mass-market wearable such as smartwatches and smartphones, with the accuracy of a lab setup
Experience: 14 years of experience with athletes, coaches, clinics, and health professionals; 350+ publications made by third parties; and 11 families of patents (60+ patents issued & pending)


Swiss-based sports job board aims to put its opponents out of business on May 15. 

Country: Switzerland
Secret weapon: Swiss job board specialized in sports industry
Strengths: platform offers jobs, tools and services to candidates, companies and schools
Reach: global

​Peerspoint, Blockchain for Sport


Leisure activities may fall under the remit of Lausanne’s Peerspoint, but its approach to the start-up battle on May 15 will be anything but leisurely. 

Country: Switzerland
Secret weapon: first ecosystem for sport and leisure federations
Strengths: takes care of all admin work, financial flows for all federation stakeholders, data privacy and marketplace secured by blockchain technology
Vision: to be global leader of secured administration of ifs by 2025


Fail to come to grips with Proskida, and fail you will.

Country: Canada
Strengths: helping endurance sport coaches and athletes more quickly interpret data from performance sensors
Secret weapon: world’s first performance measurement device and platform that uses an innovative pole grip for cross country skiing
Bragging rights: used by Swiss, Norwegian, Canadian national ski teams


Resero makes a living coming to people’s rescue. On May 15, however, rivals may want to seek help from the referee. 

Country: Germany
Strengths: strong background in tech and mountain sectors
Secret weapon: IOT emergency platform, consisting of GPS tracker and real-time Web platform for rescue
Goals: to allow user to signal alarm immediately when lost or injured outdoors

​Snowcookie Sports


Snowcookie Sports plans to shred, smash and carve up all opponents on May 15. 

Country: Switzerland
Secret weapon: an ‘internet of things’ sports platform that allows skiers to learn their sport faster
Strengths: provides amateurs and pros insights into techniques and performance, analytics engine recommends optimal routes for skiing or gear choices
Bragging rights: came 4thout of 2000+ teams at intel ‘make it wearable’ global challenge

Sphery Ltd.


Sphery Ltd. generally adheres to the phrase “it’s not the winning but the taking part that counts.” But not on May 15. 

Country: Switzerland
Secret weapon: offers game-based, personalized and multimedia training concepts and technologies (motivating, motor-cognitive fitness experience)
Strengths: combination of innovative and unique hardware and software designs
End goal: research-based and participatory development approach contributes to physical and mental health of today’s ‘digital native’ society

​SportDiet Pro

SPORTDIET® has tipped the scales at ripped for May 15’s start-up battle. 

Country: France
Strengths: provides innovating solutions/services mainly in sports-nutrition coaching for professional and amateur athletes
Secret weapon: SPORTDIET® is a brand of the Winch Sport&Nutrition company
Long view: developing software for business clients that generates personalized nutritional recommendations for athletes


The ability to rise to any opponent’s level will stand Sportunity in good stead on May 15. 

Country: Switzerland
Secret weapon: App that offers simple access to a wide variety of sport activities – public, private, free and paid to match everyone’s expectations. 
Strengths: User-friendly, flexible, all levels of ability, a la carte: hire a coach, rent a venue, find participants
Targets: Clubs, cities, venues, companies, and individuals



The Ufity app seeks to put all opponents through their paces.

Country: Switzerland
Secret weapon: Ufity application, which transforms physical activity into money
Strengths: encourages movement by providing offers available only through exercise
Methodology: tokenizes your effort – runs, walks, workouts, etc. – on a blockchain



Just like at work, Virtual Soccer Zone plans to have fun making short work of its opponents on May 15. 

Country: Italy
Secret weapon: unique and totally customizable virtual reality football game created for events, in particular stadium fan zones
Strengths: comes with many quick games designed for location-based entertainment
Bonus perks: fun and highly engaging, especially for young people


French start-up VOGO will go for the jugular with its video and replay solution, VOGO SPORT. 

Country: France
Secret weapon: Vogo Sport, an innovative video live and replay solution
Strengths: live multicam, replay, slow-motion and zoom functionalities
Experience: already covered more than 400 events in 20 different sports

Wiz-Team – Event Data Experts


Wiz-Team, a Swiss event consultancy and data management company, looks to come out swinging! 

Country: Switzerland
Strengths: event consultancy and data management
Secret weapon: innovative event management solutions
Experience: 12+ years turning ideas into products and designing technology solutions related to event management



A gentle reminder to all competitors preparing for May 15’s start-up battle: Underestimate the YAAMES CAP and you’re screwed.

Country: Switzerland
Secret weapon: The YAAMES CAP, of course!
Strengths: The innovative cap for water bottles is outfitted with a 20ml capsule where supplements can be easily added and mixed instantly with water or other liquids with the twist of the nozzle.
Targets: Hikers, runners, cyclists and other athletes who use water bottles.