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Swiss Federal Institute of Sport (SFIS)


The Swiss Federal Institute of Sports (SFIS) is the centre of competencies of the Swiss Confederation in the field of sport. It is responsible for the development of national sports policies in partnership with the other actors of Swiss sport.

The main objective of the SFIS is to promote sport and its values and to have people of all ages as well as all levels of performance, without any social or cultural distinction, benefit from it. Protecting the integrity of sport from dangers such as doping, match-fixing, corruption, violence, etc., as well as implementing and maintaining attractive legal conditions in Switzerland for the International Sports Federations are other priorities for the SFIS.

The SFIS also manages the Swiss Federal Institute of Sports Magglingen (SFISM) for education and research and operates training centres in Magglingen and Tenero that are used by sporting federations, clubs and schools of the country.

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