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International Congress of Sport Psychology

International Congress of Sport Psychology

Improving the Performance, Developing the Person

Develop and expand theoretical models
Explore new possibilities
Implement acquired knowledge to various sports fields

The main theme of this international symposium focuses on the contribution of sport psychology to the double aim associated to physical, sports and artistic activities: improving the performance and developing the person.

On one hand, we wish to consider the evolution of knowledge in sport psychology that allows to improve performances in sport within a variety of dimensions and whatever the level. We include reflections on talent development, improvement of collective efficiency and also progression or improvement of every type of motor or athletic skill for every stage of life. On the other hand and in parallel, we wish to examine the current possibilities related to building good sports practices, i.e. providing an increasing effect on people’s health, autonomy or even ethics, whatever their age or level of performance.

The 6th French Society of Sport Psychology (SFPS) International Congress allows researchers in sport psychology to present their studies in the form of symposia and oral or displayed communications. It also provides a space for sharing innovative experiences or professional practices in theme-related workshops specifically dedicated to sport psychology practitioners and mental trainers.

Communications submission deadline: 22.12.2017

Preferential rate registration deadline: 15.03.2018


Dates de la manifestation Du 13.06.2018 au 15.06.2018
Open to All
Localisation Lausanne 
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