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Check out the European SportsTech Report 2021!

The European SportsTech Report 2021 was just published by SportsTechX, a company that provides data and insights about SportsTech start-ups and their surrounding ecosystem.  

There are plenty of interesting tid-bits and insights from 2020: a year that began with enthusiasm, came to a grinding halt in the face of a global pandemic, but ended with optimism and a momentum for the industry, to be carried over into 2021. In this year’s edition you can discover a breakdown of €1.7b+ of funding and a list of the top start-ups; trends on video content, Esports x Sports and Mixed Reality Fitness; and an overview of 8 investors, 12 programmes and 27 innovation initiatives. 

In addition, all listed innovators in the report, including ThinkSport Director Anna Hellman, were invited to nominate a start-up they found impressive, which made for quite a list. 

London tops the charts for investments since 2016 confirming its status as the European SportsTech capital. However, looking solely at 2020, Berlin and Stockholm gained importance while Paris saw much less investment indicating a potential shift in the landscape. Fitness, Content & Esports were once again the major themes that attracted the most attention and investment as people were looking for ways to manage the lockdown. However, there were some specific trends within each of these themes: the rising demand for video-content, innovative crossovers between esports & sports and the emergence of Mixed Reality fitness devices.

The report has been hailed as the most comprehensive overview of the European SportsTech start-ups and surrounding ecosystem by providing infographics, interviews and other insights. First published in 2018, it is released annually, in order to provide a continuous view on the market.

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