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Concussion in sport – join the “Return to Play” Challenge

Concussion is a major problem in both amateur and elite sport. A number of best practices for diagnosing and treating concussion are known and have been published in scientific papers. However, to date there are no standardised protocols for assessing an athlete's ability to return to sport.

Our Challenge “Return to Play” aims to tackle this void. The questions that will be addressed are the following:

  • How can we support medical professionals in better assessing the right time for players, who have suffered concussion, to return to their sport?
  • Which solutions would enable us to stimulate, test, measure and support athletes' progress in order to prevent a premature return to play?
  • Finally, can we define a protocol that is easy to use and define a methodology that will enable:
    • medical professionals to test and monitor athletes during the various phases of concussion progression and obtain objective data to complement the tests already carried out today;
    • to host research projects aimed at deducing new best practices and test protocols for return to play following concussion; and
    • athletes’ reliable return to sport.

If you have a stake or expertise in this field, join us for the first full-day ideation session on 27 March in Lausanne or Sion (Switzerland)  to kick off this project. This session will gather various participants from different sectors and backgrounds such as athletes, coaches and sport physicians. The focus will be on brainstorming and developing innovative ideas to address the Challenge, leveraging the diversity of expertise within the group.

Click here to register before 6 March 2024.

This ideation session forms part of the Innovation Booster Sport & Physical Activity powered by the Swiss Innovation Agency (Innosuisse). Its objective is to promote the transfer of knowledge between research, business, and society on a specific topic and foster a culture of open innovation. The ultimate goal is to create a fertile ground for the different actors to collaborate and develop innovative projects in Switzerland.

Participating in this Challenge will be a unique opportunity to:

  • Exchange knowledge between participants and learn about the latest trends around the theme. 
  • Expand your network on the topic and take part in a potentially large-scale project.
  • Learn, experiment, and reproduce design thinking techniques.
  • Benefit from a priority access in taking part in the following phases (prototyping and post-Booster) for selected ideas.
  • Benefit from priority access in developing non-selected ideas on your own.