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First FAI International Drones Conference to focus on innovation, safety and sport

The first ever FAI International Drones Conference and Expo will kick off next week as part of the inaugural EPFL Drone Days, held from 1 to 3 September 2017 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL).

The conference will see 30 international speakers from the drone and aviation industry come together for a three-day event to discuss how drones are already shaping our future, covering the following topics:

  1. Drones and Innovation
  2. Drones and Safety
  3. Drones and Sports

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Renowned speakers at the event include Prof. Dario Floreano (NCCR Robotics), Dr. John Langford (Aurora Flight Sciences eVTOL Uber), Sonja Betschart (WeRobotics), Alain Siebert (SESAR Joint Undertaking), Lorenzo Murzilli (Federal Office of Civil Aviation, FOCA), Benoît Curdy (Global UTM Association), Anthony Cake (Immersion RC/Liftoff FPV Racing Simulator), Rich Hanson (Academy of Model Aeronautics USA), Paul New (Freedom Drone Sports Australia) and Vincent Delcommene (FPV Racer, FAI World Cup Winner 2016).

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The exhibition will feature latest innovative drone-related products. You can click here to save your place at the conference.

In anticipation of the event, FAI Secretary General Susanne Schödel said: “Drone racing is a fast developing new air sports discipline, and the FAI has been keen to helping build a platform for drone related innovation as well as developing drone flying in a safe way.” She added: “We are excited to be part of the first ever EPFL Drone Days and our Conference and Expo will be the perfect opportunity to learn about the latest trends, understand associated challenges and meet the best in the industry.”

About the Drone Days
Organised by EPFL in partnership with the National Centre of Competence in Research Robotics (NCCR Robotics), the Swiss Rotor Sports Association (SRSA) and the World Air Sports Federation (FAI), the event will combine spectacular drone races, an exhibition on the latest advances in robotics research, and the FAI conference – all in the same place.

EPFL Drone Days is aimed at both the general public and experts in aerial technology. Visitors will be able to watch demonstrations, attend workshops and try their hand at flying with either a drone or a simulator.