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Innovation alert: ASI launches new performance tracking solution

This week, Advanced Sport Instruments SA (ASI), a Swiss-based company developing performance tracking solutions, launched its new product “AdMosLive”, which is designed to automate the collection of performance tracking data. 

According to its developers, AdMosLive reimagines the data collection and distribution workflow. The data collected through the new solution is sent directly from the athlete to the cloud via 4G (and soon 5G) networks, enabling real time data collection and thereby providing new opportunities for performance optimisation and fan engagement. The data is distributed to third party platforms via API (application programming interface), removing the need for antennas, software interfaces, post-session data synchronisation and manual uploads. The result is claimed to offer a frictionless user-experience.

Commenting on the announcement, Julien Moix, Chief Operating Officer at ASI said:

“We have witnessed the struggles faced by coaching teams around the world to manage the collection of data and the constant trade-offs and frustrations that result from them. AdMosLive will save significant time for coaches by delivering the seamless collection and enrichment of performance data. Our innovative solution will empower coaches to focus on managing athlete performance, rather than on managing data.”

For its new product, ASI also took the decision not to offer a standard user interface. Instead, an open API links the enriched data with a growing ecosystem of specialist third party platforms across all sports. Platform partners benefit from the automated transmission of the data.

About Advanced Sport Instruments
Advanced Sport Instruments SA (ASI) is a member of ThinkSport. The Swiss-based company specialises in the development of electronic performance and tracking solutions since 2012. Its team is dedicated to reimagining how technology can be leveraged to improve the performance of elite athletes. ASI works with a large range of organisations and brands around the world including national winter sports federations, football clubs at the Champions League level, motorcycle racing teams and adventure sports companies. ASI was among the first to obtain the FIFA International Match Standard (IMS) certification for its solutions. 

For more information about AdMosLive and ASI’s new concept (including full API documentation) go to: or contact Julien Moix at .