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ThinkSport welcomes Redtorch as bronze partner of THE SPOT

The evidence-based research, digital and social media agency Redtorch is to join and support THE SPOT as a bronze partner. The agency is trusted by the biggest brands in Olympic sport to grow and engage global audiences. Having been in the market for eight years now, it is best known for leveraging innovative ideas and solutions that add value to both audience and client.

CEO and Founder, Jonny Murch, says:

“We want to help the industry innovate in the right way. By this, I mean it’s important to understand whether any innovation you’re looking at is actually going to help your organisation. There’s a thin line between ‘shiny object syndrome’ and innovation.”

With Redtorch at the table, thought-provoking discussions are guaranteed:

“Being innovative is important in the majority of cases, but we want to challenge what seems to a focus on short-term communication-based ideas”, explains Jonny. “ while new technology enables exciting opportunities, how many are actually relevant to your company right now and – if they are – how do you know?”

Jonny outlines how Redtorch approaches this question:

“We design and deliver our strategies by making full use of our online expertise and understanding of consumers (e.g. in our industry-leading #SportOnSocial League Table). Ultimately, we strive to ensure an evidence-based approach to decision-making. We resist the temptation to jump into innovating just for the sake of it before understanding exactly how best to accomplish our goals. Recent examples are the successful FEI and ISU Olympic campaigns.”

Jonny will be moderating THE SPOT’s workshop on The future of fan engagement:

“This session will focus on how sport can stay relevant and compete for audience attention. Human beings have hardly changed over the past few thousand years. So, while how fans consume content might change, why they engage does not (i.e. the emotions invoked).

Innovation is often specific to an organisation. This is important. Just because one sport does X, doesn’t mean X is right for your sport. Again, it all comes down to understanding your audience, your company, and your competitors.”